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Product Supply and Logistics

Product Supply and Logistics


How does it work? 


  • You email Carramore the product requirement list, ideally as an Excel file with product codes and quantities, along with your contact details and details of the project which this relates to.

  • We send you a quotation/proforma invoice as a pdf, this will usually be DDU place of final destination or CIP destination airport.

  • You might request some changes, additions and subtractions.

  • We send you a final version of the quotation/proforma invoice.

  • You send or have sent a purchase order and perhaps also a payment.

  • We convert the quotation into an order, and place our own purchase orders with the manufacturers and suppliers required to fulfil the order, taking stock into consideration.

  • We build and document the shipment, email the shipping documents, have the shipment delivered to the first airport on the journey, and then monitor the shipment to the final airport.

  • If the contract is CIP then Carramore‚Äôs shipment responsibility ends when the shipment arrives at the final airport.

  • If the contract is DDU then Carramore clears, or arranges clearance, delivers and follows the necessary processes for the exemption of duty and taxes.

  • If payment has not already been made steps are taken to make payment
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    For more information please see Frequently Asked Questions in our Knowledge Base.